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Shelters and Services in South Dakota





Aberdeen Area- Lutheran Social Services: 229-1500   Safe Harbor: 226-1212 or 1-888-290-2935

Brookings Area- Domestic Abuse Shelter: 692-7233 or 1-888-643-5400

Burke Area- Gregory County Shelter: 775-2220 or 1-800-658-3486

Belle Fourche Area- Northern Hills Crisis Outreach: 723-0964 or 584-3560

Chamberlain Area- Missouri Valley Crisis: 234-5155 or 1-877-513-2361

Custer Area- Women Escaping a Violent Environment: 673-4357 of 673-6333

Eagle Butte Area- Sacred Heart Women's Shelter: 964-7233

Faith Area- Crisis Intervention Outreach: 967-2919

Flandreau Area- Wholeness Center: 997-3535

Ft. Thompson Area- Project Safe: 245-2471

Hot Springs Area- Women Escaping a Violent Environment: 673-4357 or 673-6333

Huron Area- YWCA Family Violence Program: 352-4952

Kyle Area- OST Victims Assistance: 455-2988

Lake Andes Area- Native American Women's Health Ed. Center: 487-7072

Lead Area- Northern Hills Crisis Outreach: 584-3560 or 723-0964

Lemmon Area- Communities Against Violence and Abuse: 374-5823

Lower Brule Area- Family Circle Crisis Center: 473-0770 or 730-1020

Madison Area- House of Hope: 256-6188

Martin Area- Cangleska Outreach: 685-1400 or 685-6986

Mission Area- While Buffalo Calf Woman Society: 856-2317

Mitchell Area- Area Safehouse: 996-6622

Mobridge Area- Bridges Against Domestic Violence: 845-2110

Pierre Area- Missouri Shores Domestic Violence Center: 224-0256 or 1-800-696-7187

Pine Ridge Area- Cangleska, Inc.: 867-1035

Rapid City Area- Youth and Family Services: 342-4303  Working Against Violence: 1-888-716-9284  Standing Strong: 341-3292

Redfield Area- Family Crisis Center: 472-3097

Sioux Falls Area- Rape and Domestic Abuse Center: 339-0116 or 339-4397 

Children's Inn: 338-4880  Lutheran Social Services: 357-0100

Sisseton Area- Women's Circle: 698-4129

Spearfish Area- Victims of Violence Intervention Program: 642-7825

Sturgis Area- Crisis Intervention Shelter Service: 347-0050

Vermillion Area- Coalition Against Domestic Violence: 624-5311

Watertown Area- Women's Resource Center: 886-4300  Lutheran Social Services: 882-2740

Winner Area- Resource Center for Families: 842-2736

Yankton Area- Women's Shelter: 665-4811

South Dakota Domestic Abuse Hotline: 1-800-430-SAFE



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